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Quality in Service.

Quality comes first for 7Draft other than anything else. 7Draft understands the quality requirement of Customer/Industry and believes in continual improvement of business process to achieve the highest quality standards. First time Customers are the Customers forever.

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7Draft has evolved into an eminent organization with enhanced automation support for carrying out manual/mundane activities in day-to-day modeling/checking/production of shop drawings. To accomplish this, we use state- of-the-art Application Programming Interfaces, Plugins using, C#, DotNet Frameworks, ASP.Net, Java, VBA.

Automation team has developed extensive work on various 3D Modeling platforms for Tekla, SDS 2 and AutoCAD. These automations have been used by our Production teams to eliminate repetitive human interventions and day to day mundane work. This has given high returns in the form of Productivity/Accuracy and uniformity of our deliverables for various Sequences/Lots. Stringent Production timelines have been able to accomplish by using these in-house Automation programs.

We also emphasize on standardizing and centralizing all the model related settings for different customers to have the uniform output of the projects that are executed, also we continuously actuate on improvising the settings and APIs to satisfy the repeating orders with less hassle.

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