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Services We Provide.

Structural steel detailing involves creating detailed drawings and plans for all manufacturing and construction activities like erection of buildings, shipbuilding etc. It is a critical process that requires 99.99% accuracy. Even a tiny error can lead to a loss of valuable time and money.


At 7Draft, we offer steel detailing and allied engineering services to clients worldwide using state of the art technical tools. We offer client specific Detailing Automation Services, which is customized and tailor made to exactly meet with the customer requirements. Our steel detailing services help the client simplify their project coordination, improve delivery schedules, and increase overall project quality. Building a strong, long-term relationship with our clients; consisting of General Contractors, Fabricators, Consulting firms, Architects, Professional Engineering firms, etc. is key to our success.

We offer steel detailing services for warehouses, high rise buildings, hospitals, churches, shopping malls, parking structures, schools and colleges, convention centres, power plants, petrochemical refineries, aircraft hangers, arenas, bridges and other infrastructure projects.
With an emphasis on delivering hi-tech quality solutions, we offer highly innovative steel detailing solutions using CAD based drawings with 3D Modelling. Our offerings are of impeccable quality strictly complying with the international industry standards in steel detailing like AISC and NISD to name a few.

Our talented team of engineers have academic degrees in structural and civil engineering and are also equipped with in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience in structural steel detailing. They also have skills in design, detailing and drafting. The team is capable of analysing and solving complex issues with their diverse knowledge across domains ranging from electrical, structural, mechanical and civil engineering and plumbing design. They also work with various construction materials such as steel and concrete, providing us with the necessary competitive edge.

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Detailing & Drafting.

  • Structural Steel detail drawings

  • PEMB detail drawings

  • Rebar detail drawings

  • Precast detail drawings

  • Miscellaneous Structure detail drawings

  • Architectural Building Metal Cladding drawings

  • Transmission Structures detail drawings

  • Lighting, Traffic, Overhead Signage structure detail drawings

  • Oil and offshore structure detail drawings

  • Erection and shop drawings

  • All CNC Data input files

Connection Design & Delegated Design.


  • Connection Design and Calculations (ASD/ LRFD, etc)

  • Approved and stamped design drawings and design calculations

  • Simple Shear Connections

  • Moment Connections

  • HSS connections

  • Splices (beams and columns)

  • Miscellaneous Connections

  • FEMA-350 pre-qualified connections for moment frames and seismic applications

  • P E Certification & Sealing

In-Service Support.

  • Shop drawing standards development

  • Connection Design details Library

  • Design –Build services

  • Onsite shop question support, Kick off meetings

  • Back-Office support for architecture, structural design, product

  • manufacturing and detailing companies

  • 3D BIM Modeling & Co-ordination

Standards We Follow.



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